Ruth Kortgardner

Ruth Kortgardner - Class of 1947
Date of Death: 04/07/2016

Trustee Emeritus

Ruth Kortgardner, RN, MSN, graduated from Bethesda Hospital School of Nursing in 1947. She worked in nursing services for one year after graduation and then became an assistant clinical instructor for the School of Nursing teaching nursing arts. In 1954, she became an instructor, teaching on the freshman level in the School of Nursing and retiring in 1985. She worked at Scarlet Oaks Retirement center for a short time after her own retirement.

Her educational achievements include a BS in Nursing Education from Indiana University and MS in Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Ms. Kortgardner has been a member of the Alumni Association since graduation and has held different positions in the association and continues to participate in different activities as a board member.