Dianna Brown

Dianna Brown—Class of 1976

Dianna Brown RN graduated from Bethesda Hospital School of Nursing in 1976. She has been with Trihealth for 27 years. She worked 10 years Part Time at Bethesda Oak Hospital until February 1999 when the hospitalclosed. She transferred to Bethesda North Hospital Float Pool as a Part Time RN from 1999 to 2002. When a Part Time position became available at HOC Blue Ash IPCC, she transferred to the inpatient unit until mid 2002. A Full Time position opened at the last HOC IPCC unit in East Anderson in June 2003 and Dianna transferred to that unit where she has been a Hospice Nurse for the last 13 years. Dianna is also a clinical coach.

Dianna's passion is Recycling/creating crafts, games, etc. from Recyclables to reduce and reuse items from work and home. She enjoys sharing her ideas, crafts and tips with her co-workers. She is on the Community Oureach Committee for Matthew 25 Ministries to donate excess, unused supplies from her HOC unit to those in need.